How do I create product variants ?

What is a variant?

A product variant is a variation of color, size, material or duration. For example, if you sell socks, your variations in size could be "Small", "Medium" and "Large" and your variations in color could be "Black", "Blue" and "White".

How to get the products list?

  1. Click on the "House" icon located at the top left

     2. Click on the "Products" link on the left menu

      3. You will be taken to the "Products List" where you can view products' details

Creating Product Variants

  1. Select a product from the products list
  2. Once the product is selected, the "Edit" button at the bottom right will appear
  3. Click on the "Edit" button to view the details of the selected product

      4. Scroll down to the "Variants (colors, sizes, etc.)" section to add a variant

      5. Click on the "Add New Variants" button and a new form will appear containing the fields: Colors, Sizes, Materials, and Durations.

      6. Once all your variations are created, click on the "Add these Variants" button

     7. The newly added variants will appear in the "Product Variant(s)" section

     8. You can further edit each variant separately by clicking on the "Edit" button at the bottom right of the "Product Variant(s)" section

     9. A new "Edit Variant" form will appear containing three new fields "SKU", "Bar Code", and "Image" along with the variants you have recently added

     10. To save the changes, click on the "Update Variant" or click on the "Cancel" button to discard the changes

     11. Click on the "Save" button located at the bottom right to save all the changes

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