How do I edit the notification message sent to my customers ?

A notification message is an email sent to the customer based on a trigger and an email template. An example of trigger is when a customer makes a purchase on your website.

How to get to the Email Templates?

1. Click on the "Store Settings" (3rd icon) located at the top left

2. Click on the "Email Templates" link on the left menu

3. You will be able to view all "Email Templates" on the screen

 How to edit the notification message sent to customers?

1. Click on the "Email Template" you want to edit

2. Once you select a "Email Template", action buttons will appear at the bottom right

3. Take further action by using the action buttons located at the bottom right.

4. Click on "Edit"; a new screen will appear where you can edit the subject and message body

5. Be careful when you edit the message body because it contains HTML and server-side code which requires a certain knowledge. If you're not confortable editing this, please contact us and we'll be very happy to assist you with this task.

6. Click on "Save"

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