How do I filter the categories list ?

How to get to the categories list?

  1. Click on the "House" icon located at the top left

      2. Click on the "Categories" link on the left menu

     3. You will be taken to the "Categories List" where you can view categories' details

Filtering the categories list

  1. To filter categories list, use the buttons located at the top left of the list
  2. "All active" displays all the categories that are not deleted, empty or not

     3. "Empty" displays all the categories that currently don't have products associated with

      4. "Deleted" displays all the deleted categories

Using Pagination

To use the list's pagination feature, you can either use the "<<" (previous page) and ">>" (next page) buttons located on the bottom left of the list or you can use the numeric (page number) buttons to jump directly to a page.

To display more or less items per page, use the "Show XX rows per page" drop-down. All the changes you do on the pagination controls will remain throughout your visit on the administration console.

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