How do I manage my coupons ?

How to get to the coupons list?

  1. Click on the "House" icon located at the top left

     2. Scroll down the left menu and click on the "Coupons" link at the bottom left

     3. You will be taken to the "Coupons List" where you can view coupons' details

Managing coupons

  1. Click on the "Coupon" you want to edit
  2. Once you select a "Coupon', action buttons will appear at the bottom right
  3. Take further action by using the action buttons located at the bottom right. These buttons include "Edit" and "Delete".

Adding new coupons

  1. To add a new coupon, click on the "Add New Coupon" button located at the bottom right

     2. For more information, read the topic "How do I create a coupon to offer a rebate ?"

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