How do I manually add a payment to an order ?

When you add a payment manually, it does not cost you anything. In fact, it adds information to keep a track of the order. It is helpful when an order stays in "Awaiting Payment" status, but the payment has already been processed through the third-party payment processor.  

How to get to the orders list?

  1. Click on the "House" icon located at the top left

     2. Click on the "Orders" link on the left menu

     3. You will be taken to the "Orders List" where you can view orders' details

Adding a payment manually

  1. Select an "Order" from the order list
  2. Once you select an order, "Actions" button will appear at the bottom right

      3. Click on the "Actions" button and a pop-up will appear with a list of options 

      4. Select "Add Payment/Refund" option to add the payment manually to keep a track of it in your sales

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