How do I use the API ?

Api can be used with any programming language. It has several endpoints you can call, all with a specific payload. The complete API documentation is here :

How do I use the API ?

  1. APIs are re-usable, modern and consistent. If you have multiple applications or hosts that need access to the data, you don’t need to get a new database connection authorized for each one.
  2. APIs are capable of providing data that is refreshed much more often than you can achieve with pulling, cleaning, and loading files.
  3. APIs provide data in clean, programmatically accessible formats. No need to convert the data from one file format to another, no need to scrub out bad or polluted entries and no need to load it into your local system.
  4. Our API management framework provides usage monitoring, throttling, authorization, and caching to reduce the load on your database.
  5. APIs always pull data from a single, authoritative source, so you know you're getting the "true" information.

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