How do I add a web page to my menus ?

To add a web page to a menu, first create your web page. To do so, please read the topic "How do I create a web page ?"

How to Get to the Menus List?

  1. Click on the "House" icon located at the top left

    2. Click on the "Menus (Navigation)" link on the left menu

    3. You will be taken to the "Menus List" where you can view menus' details

Adding Web Page to Menus

  1. Select the menu where you want to add the page
  2. The "Edit" button will appear on the bottom right, click on it

     3. Click on "Add new link" to create a new empty line

     4. Enter the name of the link as you want it to appear on your website, select "Page" and then select the page you want to add

    5. Once you're done, click on the "Save" button at the bottom right

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