Understanding the Point Of Sale (POS)

The POS is used to process orders in person or over the phone. It allows you to search rapidly for products by entering the name, SKU or by scanning the product's barcode with a barcode scanner.

Search bar

Enter a product name, product’s SKU or scan the barcode of the product. Products will appear on the bottom left portion of the POS. When search for a product, if only one product matches, it will be added to the order automatically.

Category bar

Click on a category to display all the related products in the bottom left portion of the screen. The category will be highlighted in the category bar.

Product's list

All the related products are listed here (either after a search with the search bar or a click on a category). Click on a product to add it to the order. If you click multiple times, it will increase the quantity of this item in the order.

You can also create a custom product with the “+” button. It is used for adding a specific discount for a particular situation or to sell a product not already listed in your inventory.

Order items

For all the items in the current order, you can edit them, change the price, change the quantity or delete them. Besides this, you can also cancel the whole order with the top right button.

Completing the order

When you are ready to terminate the order, click on one of the buttons at the bottom right of the screen. Cash is for cash transactions, terminal is for using an external payment processor, credit card is to process the credit card of the customer through your stripe account. We actually don't support credit card swiping.

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